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ClearCom - FSII TCVR 19 EU

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Item #: FSII-TCVR-19-EU
Categories: Advanced Wireless Solution , Wireless Intercom
Brand: ClearCom

1.89GHz-1.93GHz ( exact frequency range depends upon country where approved) Band Active Transceiver Antenna allows users to freely roam around a facility while staying connected to the base station. Each Active Antenna can create a coverage zone of up to 1,475 feet. One Active Antenna supports up to 5 beltpacks with the ability of adding more if roaming or more beltpack support is required. Up to 10 remote Active Antennas can be strategically placed to cover a wide area. Each active transceiver antenna is IP65 rated for water and dust resistance and has a mount for microphone stands, allowing use and placement in virtually any environment. Unique to the FreeSpeak II system, both 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz beltpacks and active transceiver antennas can co-operate on the same system, increasing both the quantity of users as well as the cell roaming area.

FSII TCVR 19 EU from ClearCom is 100% original and is available at Edge Electronics, Qatar. Speak to our expert for booking a live demonstration. After sales customer service is an integral part of our business ethic and is taken very seriously.

Product Specifications

  • Active Antenna Transmission Range: Up to 1475ft (450m) to beltpack in good conditions, 800 feet typical
  • Maximum Distance, Base to Antenna via Transceiver Port: 3,200 ft (1,000 m)
  • Powering: 24VDC power supply
  • Maximum Distance, Antenna Powered by FSII-BASE (Base): 975 ft (300 m)

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